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By reconfiguring the kitchen, we opened the space for a better flow of traffic and placed the appliances on both sides of the kitchen. New cabinetry was installed, using cabinets that reach the ceiling adding storage. The lower cabinets on both sides of the stove have drawers, again, to increase the storage capacity and for ease of reaching pots and pans. A farmer's sink was selected and a gray wood plank tile for the floor giving the kitchen that industrial farmhouse look the client desired.
Our client wanted the kitchen and living room to be open, but because the wall is a supporting one, and budget was a concern, we suggested a pass-through window, giving the homeowner the connection of the two rooms, without substantially going over budget.
We changed the aesthetics of the room, making it appear larger and brighter by scaling down the size of the furniture, painting the walls a lighter color and, by adding a new rug, the floor appears brighter.
The fireplace became more of a focal point by lightening up the walls. The client was extremely happy with the changes and best of all, we hit the mark with staying in budget!!!
The little girl moved to a new larger room and the client wanted the room turned into a guest room. We selected a very pale soothing color for the walls, changed the blinds to a roller shade to provide full or partial sun, and added soft light drapes giving the guest room window a cozier look. A wood gray full-length mirror was selected allowing guests to get ready without leaving the room.
We added a corner barrel-back chair, in complimentary hues, to provide seating. By introducing an upholstered headboard, the bed became a focal point. Adding a light gray and very soft lime-yellow comforter finishes the bed. A rectangle, diamond patterned gray area rug, at the foot of the bed, warms the light walnut wood floor for a finishing touch.
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Space was limited in this small kitchen. Both bottom corner cabinets were dead space, the only usable space on the bottom cabinets were the ones under the sink, next to the stove and the one opposite the stove. The top cabinets were small and only the corner top cabinet was standard size, but it was placed where it was hard to reach. On the opposite wall, were the standard double upper and lower cabinets. Call us to schedule an appointment or online consult. We will be happy to discuss your desires for the space and lifestyle based on your personal taste and flair.