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Tier I Because no two clients are alike, JP Interiors provides three distinct service levels to suit your individual needs and budget.
Ever need that second opinion from a trusted friend or loved one? Do you sometimes doubt your decisions and ask… "What color will look best, the lighter or darker one?" "Where does this piece of furniture look better, on this wall or freestanding?" Sometimes all we need is that other viewpoint to make that final decision and see the finished project. Tier III
Embarking on a full-scale renovation of an existing home? JP Interiors will work with you to create the space you are looking for with our reputable and trusted contractors. We take the worry out of your project and handle it for you from start to finish. Tier II
Help is on the way … maybe decorating is not your forte and you want to make your space beautiful, inviting and appealing. Your worries are over, JP Interiors is here to help you make your vision a reality. From selecting paint colors, furnishings, accessories and the tiniest details that will turn your space from shabby to chic!!! Please call us to schedule an appointment or online consult. We will be happy to discuss your vision or plans for the space based on your lifestyle, personal taste and flair.
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